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Framepool – the stock footage collection run by filmmakers. Make use of one of the world's largest stock footage archives for your video projects. Framepool has nearly 700,000 stock videos available online for instant licensing and download. All you have to do is search, find and license. We focus on high quality creative and editorial stock footage and archival films scanned in HD. Find, license & download rights managed and royalty free premium stock videos at Framepool.

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About Framepool

It all began in 2001, a joint vision of two film-makers. Our mission: to make using stock footage easier, and, most of all, more enjoyable and to support the creative processes for all types of film making.
With over 20 years experience in the film industry, we understand working with stock footage archives. The labour-intensive dubbing of 35mm originals, the sore eyes from staring at hours of footage on Betacam tapes, the challenges of working with edited sequences, not the right look, not the right fee. On the other hand we have experienced that exciting moment, when you discover an unnoticed film can contains an unexpected historical treasure.

Being at the forefront of the digital revolution, we were using a Macintosh computer in the early ‘80’s even before Wim Wenders immortalized the Mac in his film “The State of Things”. Today, the equation of “stock footage” plus “digital” equals “Framepool”. A vision that has won worldwide recognition, a footage collection that brings together the assets of outstanding cinematographers under one roof. A collection that is growing and prospering day by day.

At the heart of Framepool is a passionate group of likeminded people, who share the same vision – be a partner to the film community and establish the coolest and most diverse stock footage collection in the industry.
With representatives from over 11 countries, we approach the business with a global perspective. Sometimes making a movie can send you to the brink of madness. That’s why we want to be your partner, to help to make things easier for you. We want to bring people together on our online platform: the people who need top quality stock footage material and the people who can deliver exactly that – Framepool.

We want to inspire you. At there is always something new for you to experience. We hope that you find our site and our footage as moving as we do. See for yourself.

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